Short pieces of writing created as a response to the Koestler Trust: Catching Dreams exhibition. Each of us chose an image and used it as an inspiration or prompt. Does it make a difference if you saw the picture in front of you and read the text or if you just read the pieces of writing on their own.



Listening to a bad dream

Lying on my back, sleeping? Dreaming? Having  a nightmare? I’m not sure

Theres a wall, a grey wall, an invisible wall , above me, it’s closing in on me, pushing itself into me  –

My bed? The concrete floor? Pushing my body up,

Scraps of red on the floor and the wall,

My elbows on the floor, my forearms on the wall, i’m pushing back.



If Only it’s an Impossible Dream

He steps up, he walks, he struggles,  but he keeps on moving, I reach my hand out to him but he keeps walking past me, take my hand let me help you, why won’t you acknowledge me but walk past me,  why won’t he see me, he’s not moving that fast.. stop! And look at me damn it…I shouted still I got nothing…what is that noise why won’t it stop….my eyes  open to the sound of my alarm clock i jumped up and realized i was late….




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