So maybe its not 30 days, but hey, the first doesn’t always start on a Tuesday …. so instead here are 25 days of ‘I feel’ a challenge given to us by our great mentor and dear friend Neil Bradley. We firstly got give 30 words to express how we feel, then to challenge us, we had to chose 7 words not next to each other, then from there we had to choose one. This got us thinking, how about we do this for the month. So when the clock strikes 8, every night in August was our time to express our feelings and emotions, and here are mine.


25) I feel overwhelmed, with the unexpected, unimaginable fear of feelings that things are not complete. The challenge to explain rests on my tongue like glue.

24) Euphoric, all I see is a half green half blue mass of perfection and heat unbearable yet some what soothing till this journey ends

23) I feel weak, it’s been a long day and the work has been long and tiresome. Questions unanswered, stones unturned So much unsaid.

22) I don’t know about my dreaming any more, all I know is, I’m falling falling falling, might as well fall in. JB

21) A constant envelopes me, and I can’t break free. I am on the move with nowhere to rest my head.

20) Today I felt like a Sabbath, I bought a coffee. I took it easy. Everything fell into place like clockwork.

19) An educated mind grows weary at the sight of to many words. Processing and decrypting like heavy bank volts.

18) At home, ease sweeps over me, tides of gentle thoughts caress my mind and I Know I’m home.

17) A child doing what kids do, entertaining myself on video games like a blessed pastime I love

16) Needed, loved and used needed by few, loved by many, used by all and I die

15) Pack pack pack, I stuff items in bags like dreams in dark clouds above us

14) Ecstasy, at thirty six thousand feet, floating through clouds, what else could you feel

13) Moisture runs over me, I feel a need for uncontrollable amounts of water

12) From my passenger seat I orchestrate manoeuvres with the slightest, Left…. Right

11) I know what I want and I shall get it … All

10) My kin, closeness, bonding, reflections, see me, see them…. We

9) You ever get tired of pretending to be strong …

8) The ability to feel beautiful without being told

7) Red, runs so smooth, it soothes me

6) Bonjour, oui oui, monsieur, merci, d’accord

5) Time to reflect on Time

4) Loneliness seems so hard

3) Storms over Seas

2) Maximum usage

1) Silence


The whole point in this task is to teach us the value words have. They might seem everyday, whether you write 30 words or an entire 8000 word dissertation, or even if you just like the sound of your own voice, words mean  more than anything we can describe. Being Speechless is our biggest challenge.

Why don’t y’all try it and let us know how you get on.

Best of luck… your boy …


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