White:  The colour of every wall in my house.  Anti-social.  A vision of heaven perhaps.  Over the years the white has disappeared.  Walls have been covered up, piece by piece, by way of black picture frames, and my favourite photos: that sailor kissing that nurse in Times Square on the front cover of LIFE magazine.  Bob Dylan, following his motorcycle accident, attempting escape from being the voice of a generation.  Pablo Sandoval, the little panda, standing at home plate at AT&T Park, waiting to hit a home run – it’s out of here.  My wife standing at the  cable car stop in San Francisco, smiling.

Green:  Trees as far as the eye can see.  The view from the battlement at Severndroog Castle – a love folley, built by a wife lamenting the death of her husband.  Looking out I see green trees, and green parakeets, and then the green ends with the silver-grey skyline of London on the horizon.

Blue:  My mood most days, except for that one Tuesday every month when I come to Culture Collective and Jonny makes me laugh.


White – Like waves of the sea, the light shines through the frosted windows running with the heat of a feelings. Memories and moments are wrapped in them like tsunamis claim and hold on to houses, cars, smells and people. This is my space in which I reside at a certain time. Where the sun meets the earth at an angle that as a humans race we don’t all get to see and the moon list my eyes like a perfect symphony. These are the white sheets of my bed.

Black – All black everything. I love it. Night time, the beat of the city is alive and all I can think to do is remain understated. I want to be seen but overlooked, I want to make a statement with out creating notice, I want to be all black, as the night is. Where the abyss seems like home and the dank dirty street are but just one of the many pit stops before I rest my head and lay into the dark all black abyss of my dreams.

Clear – Transparent with a view to perfection. In a fancy restaurant, they use steam, and in some homes they use a machine, but for me a sponge and some nice smelling soap will do.


Orange, yellow and black

Orange sunshine, hugging the clouds, squeezing shapes and figured bodies, a dog? A dinosaur? A squashed hedgehog bleeding yellow spikey rays, i’m staring at the sky , i can’t see clearly, i;m squinting. I look away, everything i see is now is covered with black spots, i blink, i blink again, my sight is back to normal – i should keep walking, look straight ahead, no more staring at the sun, at least not until i do what i need to do.



White, the colour of the wall to my family old house, white denotes cleanliness… connotes to my mother to be paranoid as she always protects her white wall from kids scribbling all over it.

Green, the colour of nature brings me back to the time I and my girls had a picnic in the park.. good times until we all went our separate ways

I think of Red and it reminds me of the shooting that took the life of a friend that I once had


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