This week I couldn’t stop listening to Vic Mensa’s Down on my Luck. Such an awesome track. House music never used to be my thing until one day I was stuck on the top floor of a club after a guy took too many drugs and fell down the stairs causing the only entrance and exit to this club, to be locked off. A wonderful 5 hours of House music and then to be stuck till 4/5 AM, how perfect. Other than that matter, I enjoyed my time with my DJ friends and my experience with house music. Since then I fell in love with house music, the way in which people feel about a massage, at first it feel like pain, and depending on where you go … never go to china town …. at the end of your massage you feel relief and you want to go back every month after the hard times at the office!

Getting back to the artist, What I have for you guys is a great, daily song to listen to. Its great with the life style of the young city rat race. The morning of Lunch time rush around the city. Vic Mensa does a great job. Once again I have to give a shout out to the amazing Majestic Casuals for there perfect taste in music. Here you go guys, Vic Mensa with Down on my Luck….


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