VisitEngland’s new exhibition is small, but well-situated, standing in an area of heavy tourist footfall at Observation Point, just past the OXO Tower and before the National Theatre. This ‘Hall of Fame’ idea utilised public votes in several categories to celebrate the inventions that England brought to the world. The areas include: The Great, the Good, and The Notorious; Inventions and Discoveries; Food and Drink; History and Heritage; Culture and Entertainment, and Sport and Leisure. This year, William Shakespeare was voted People’s Choice winner – fitting, as this April marks the Bard’s 450th birthday (doesn’t look a day over 200 to me…)

Despite Harry Potter UK’s Facebook lying to me and saying the books were voted in (they weren’t), I was in London anyway, and decided to see what else the public had thought worthy to be voted the Best of British.

In the end, awards went to…

Robin Hood

Bakewell Pudding

The Putney to Mortlake boat race

Plymouth gin



The Beatles (I’m not bitter they beat Potter… well, maybe a little)



The National Trust

The theory of gravity

Downton Abbey

Steam trains

Glastonbury Festival

and the Magna Carta

Here’s another entry, and something aptly nautical themed for April: Plymouth’s historic dockyard. The dockyard itself as a history tied in with immigration, something that Britain has benefited from, and something that has in its own turn led to generations of new thinkers, authors, workers, and pioneers taking residence in England – including myself!


This exhibition opened on St George’s Day, and is available to see on Observation Point for a week.

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