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We have just completed our first week of teaching in the local village, and it was fantastic. Everyday¬†we have to get to the class for 8.30am to clean and sweep the classroom so it’s ready for our students at 9am. At 8.45am the students start to arrive and register. On the first day we had 3 students at 9am, but by 10am we had about 50 students, and the number of students attending the classes have been increasing day by day.

I am the team leader for the English department, and I am currently teaching English to children from the ages of 4-10 and also students from 11-42. I am also teaching sexual health to the older students, and so far we have had a session on sexual relationships, which was very interesting. Next week, I will be teaching my students about contraception.

This week, we also had a community day, where all the students and the volunteers went around the village picking up rubbish and cleaning the community. It was so amazing to see everyone working together.

So far, I am really enjoying my time here in Cameroon, and I am looking forward to experiencing even more.

Aisha Lolade Idris

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  1. shirley

    Hi Aisha!!..
    Been praying for you. .all looks awesome. .so proud of you. .keep going xx


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