I’ve been an employee at Stonewall for a few days. I started on Friday of last week; a pretty weird day to start as I was jumping from one job to another overnight. Switching my jeans and a t-shirt ‘I’ve worn this far too many times and I know it;’ vibe to one of corporate hipster still waiting on a paycheck.

So far, so good. It’s a little awkward getting to know an organisation-load of people who all do different jobs with different responsibilities; I went from having to know my manager to having more in one section of a department than was in my last office entirely! The days have just been composed of meetings, administration, and a lot of learning. Learning how to use the database system to log contacts and deal with web orders for merchandise, learning to frank post, learning that the office is already a dangerous place, as the grazes to my hands and arms can attest to. Everyone is ridiculously nice, something I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps there’s still time for people to piss me off, but even in my last job, there was only one person who annoyed me – nobody I really hated with a passion. Everybody is helpful, and as the organisation is growing, it’s nice to feel that there are other new starters I can be a bit clueless with!

So apart from being a blood sacrifice to the postroom and several boxes (ow), trying to answer all my emails in a timely manner, and praying that I’m not the useless or most socially inept recruit they’ve ever had, I’m feeling optimistic. Perhaps this is a job I can stick at for a longer time than just a year. Tomorrow, I learn what my team, Fundraising, have planned in the coming year. It’s good to be part of a growing team who are always trying to find new ways of connecting with people.

I’ll update some more when I’ve actually done some proper work, and haven’t just worked out how to send a letter correctly. (I sent a parcel on my own today, though!)


Boxes: loads of them. Guarantees to piss of many an office manager and break many an admin assistant’s back in moving them. 


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