Trying to get off but the roller coaster won’t stop
Words are emotions when they hit it’s like a bombs dropped
Sinking to solid, I’ll be waiting for my ears to pop
Time spent is gone, got me feeling like I’m lost
Cause words are just empty promises with no weight
No action behind lips that move, just a bare face
Hooked on a string no piranhas just pariahs caught in their gape
Alt F 4, tell me what can make me escapeā€¦
Its to late, mistakes and complaints
But they’ve never thought to think about how they violate
The things that happen, the motions make the chest drain
My heart can’t on take, the anger gives me chest pain
So why try find comfort in a bosom or a breast
Where wisdom is not present, no compassion in their head
They smile as they sleep, no thirst for their bread
They know not my reality, they never seen or heard this red
by Jesse Johnson

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  1. Jesse Johnson

    This poem was written at a time where I was going through some changes in my profession. I felt the way I did because the world as I knew it at the time waning work was changing. Things where political; office politics as they call it and things were going down hill for me. But as they always so the darkest hour is always before the dawn. On to greener pastures.


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