The first task of my assignment is set and it’s group work. I always thought this was going to be a challenging aspect of higher education, having to rely on each other to get the work done.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to make time for us as a group to get together, for myself it’s finding the time where i don’t have to rush to work or to the next thing and similarly with others. Everyone’s got something!

But thankfully everyone is invested in the course and understanding of each others situations. We  still haven’t had a complete group meeting but we’re doing the best we can, in the morning a couple of us met, in the afternoon whoever could stay behind met, and tomorrow the rest who couldn’t make the previous meetings would get caught up. We’re getting there   😀

So I thought i’d share what our task is:

We have to create a presentation on what the curriculum and education system would be like for a particular society. Ours is “a society which is experiencing the impact of global warming and in which environmental issues are a priority”

I’ve never had an in depth opinion about environmental changes and global warming, so this was a chance to find out about something new (which I did, but I’m not going to go into detail about).

I found some really cool information about things young people from all over the world have been doing to protect the earth and their environment. But it got me thinking about how different education systems are based on their environment and society and how they potentially can have a ripple effect on other people, their lives and environment.

Basically, everything is connected and learning is fun (!)

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