For my work experience shift, I assisted with the lighting effects for two of the shows at Udderbelly. Before the show I met with the lighting technician, Ed, and he showed me around the stage and the area he operates the lighting from for the actual shows. He showed me the control desk, and I learnt a lot of information about it. Like… it was a Pearl 2004 model, and it was made by a company called Avolites. He also talked to me briefly about the different lights and what they are capable of. At one point, I got the opportunity to look into one of the lights and see how it works. I took about ten minutes to cover everything in one light, and I was slightly confused, because it was a lot of information due to it being advanced lighting. However, it was still very interesting seeing how it works. Something that I found to be very interesting was that with a venue like Udderbelly, it takes a good three days to set up all of the lights!

The first show was a stand up comedy act, which was very simple to do the lighting for. There was a pre-show lighting setup, and this was just to help the audience find their seats. For the actual show, it was a standard light setup, lighting the centre of the stage so the audience could clearly see the show.

The second show was slightly more interesting in terms of lights. Again, we had the pre-show lights, however, because there was a French theme to the show, the lights were the colours of the French flag: red, blue and white. For the show, there was just a single spotlight on the comedian, but there were three lights throughout the show, and two of them used the moving lights to shine over both the stage and the audience again using the colours of the flag. For the other song a red filter was used in order to bring a sense of danger and mystery to the show.

Overall, I really enjoyed the placement because I had a great time, I learnt a lot, and I believe that the experience I got there will greatly help me later on in doing our own event and after that.


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