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I’ll start off, I have a problem with this.


Is this feminism? Is it oppression?

Is it being opportunistic of a horrible event?

Is it bad representation of BAME/WOC?

Are these labels too simple?

Recently (and now almost always)  whenever I watch something (mainly British and American TV and film), I’ve been playing spot the “ethnic person”, more specifically women. – Is she some sort of “exotic” thing the lead guy is after or has a quick thing with, is some crazy ex-girlfriend,  or some oppressed female needing to be saved.

Let me crystal clear, I’m not attacking Maks , (lady in the picture). Her body is her own, do whatever you want. What i do care about (and find frustrating) is the way it reflects culture and how this is part of an ongoing problem.

Usually whenever i hear discussions about South-Asian women,(particularly of Muslim origins, [but hey it doesn’t matter because we all look the same]), the most common thing i hear is mainly about how oppressed we are, and how terrible our culture is towards us, particularly our men (quick note: patriarchy is a global issue, not just an Asian issue [including USA &UK]).

But where do they get this from? People they personally know? Stories from a friend? Stories from a friend of a friend? (probably)

I think people who don’t get information from personal experiences, rely on stories and images from the media (We all do, my imagination of what America would be like is purely from TV,film,news,the internet,I’ve never been).

We can all admit that media is a powerful tool, especially ones with memorable images that maintains the stereotype.

Do images pop up into your head? If i say young black male,does an image of teenager in a hoodie pop up? If i say Muslim women, does an image of a women veiled from head to toe pop up? A terrorist? A bearded man, usually of middle eastern, south Asian or of African decent?

The only way i can see someone who looks like me, get noticed or represented on a bigger platform, is by taking our shirts off?

I’m even frustrated by the fact that i’m frustrated with this. – Have you ever  noticed that when you’re a  member of a minority group – you’re somehow representative of the whole group – the fact that i’m using a picture as a representative of a Bangladeshi woman being representative of Bangladeshi women – I’m doing the same thing, especially because i’m the same age as her and a British Bangladeshi, is this Representative of me? – Did that make sense? That’s what i mean, with my opening – It’s far more complex and difficult to put into words (well, for my capability of writing so far). What does everyone else think?

I think the lesson of the day is to admit and be aware of the way we think about certain things and why? It’s up to you to do something and address it (that is, if you want to). But just be aware and start thinking about it….





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