So I’ve been behind on the Collective May Challenge: to write (at least) 30 words a day for 30 days. I thought this was a great challenge, but by the time I write this – six days into May, I’m of course well behind. So here’s a catchup on what I’ve been doing, summed up in 180 words.

May started with preparation for my surgery. I’m trying to eat well, and so I’ve started a food diary to track how healthy I’m being and how much water I’m drinking. I also went to a conference and spoke about young people’s representation in the media; it went really well.

I started reading more again: I finished Alice in Wonderland and moved onto some more Classics – I’m on a Classic kick!

This week for work, I’m also going to be in Wales. I’m looking forward to the trip there, and feel privileged that I have a job that takes me places. Hopefully, my healthy eating and reading motivation will remain!

I can’t believe I have at least 20 words left! I think this is cheating a bit…

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