Exercise : Create a piece of writing that starts with the sentence “My little dog has lost it’s bark…” and ends with “…the fireworks lasted forever”.


My little dog has lost its bark, a courageous, strong individual, that howls at the moos when its dark and howls at the sight of me leaving for work. We are not only master and companion, but we are like brother, if he looses his I loose mine. The moment the sun when down that treacherous day, I should have know that this moment would cause some sense of disarray. I went to watch them for a while, it was cold, tiresome, and damn, the fireworks lasted forever.


My little dog has lost its bark

She just sits there looking all soppy and sad. I don’t know what she wants, she opens her mouth and nothing comes out…

I point at the dog bowl? Does she want food? She stares  the bowl

I take her for a walk, it’s quieter than usual, of course she’s quiet, she’s lost her bark

I throw the ball….. silence

Another dog walks by , not a peep

It’s the 5th of November, i ask her, do you want to see the firework? – nothing

We sit in the park, not a sound between us

.. the fireworks lasted forever

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