The funny thing about my kitchen is that it likes to evolve.

The light switch is now on the outside instead of the inside which means it’s easier to light the room up when getting a late night snack.

The Fridge used to get moved around before the refurbishments and there was a table in there to. But you know how it goes when Peabody want to up the rent a bit more then changes have to be made.

And they started with the kitchen, moving where everything in the kitchen was living. The sink, the fridge, the stove…

They put in more cupboards, which meant more shelves. There’s never been any sort of Christmas out of the kitchen, so there’s been no elves. Anyway, I digress…

Kitchen cupboards filled from spices to rice’s, carbs and cream, plates, cups, glasses, bowls…everything’s got its place. Even the cough medicines and several different amounts of tea.


By Jesse Johnson

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