Funniest thing about being thrown to any wild animal is that you’re always expecting to be ripped apart limb by limb. That’s literally what anticipating the spot light feels like sometimes. Or should I say a lot of the time, with gut churning, heart racing, adrenalin oozing out of every single second until the lime light.

There were four other pitches before mine which was good for me because I had more time to compose myself. This was bad because it also made more anxious about my pitch.

My pitch was based around something that is a common on going problem in London and other parts of the UK, which is unemployment. By creating and feeding this demand we remove value from the title of not in employment education or training.

Out of all my last feats, the lions layer was by far the most exhilarating experience that I had because I had the chance to build a pitch and an advert for something that came purely from my mind. A vision that I had shared with people who have the know how and have the binoculars to make my ideas stretch further.

Throw me to the wild animals and I’ll come back leading the back. I can proudly say that I was the winner of 2014’s Lions Layer. From this informative, educative challenging day I now have the confidence to apply for the funding to make fiction into fact. 2015 will have a lot to offer.

Jesse Johnson

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