The Telephone Call

The phone rang as it does. There was this semi-thick Caribbean accent on the other end of the line.

“Bwoy, yuh nah fine yuh yard, yuh nuh have work ah marning?”

That one sentence that will resonate through my memory banks for eternity. A questionable statement; instructing and asking; demanding and pleading. I could hear the anger, the worry and the pain. Clearly, it had nothing to do with conscience because it was clear there was care.

Why? But why?

Because the world is a dark and dismal place and sometimes it takes that one phone call to brighten it up.

“I’m coming home”.

By Jesse Johnson


The Telephone Call

Ring ring… Ring ring…

In my dream there’s a faint ringing,

Ring ring…

It’s getting louder, my eyes are still closed,

but the ringing is so clear…

I hear my sister stirring, muttering swear words,

Ring ring… aaaah…

“Pick it up”…..”Pick it up man”… I yell in my head but i manage to yawn out load,

to my sister, who the phone is so obviously closer to…

– “What?!” – Short, sharp – and hangs up before an answer…

She slams the phone down and dives under the duvet…

My eyes are finally open… I blink…turn to my front and go back to sleep.

By Nishi

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