Two weeks into my first year of university. So far i like it. I’m excited for the next three years, I’ve still got my worries, but for the most part, i know I’ve made the right decision for me.

So let me break down my experience so far ( in another two weeks time, my opinion may change)

Tutors- Super friendly, super qualified from really different backgrounds and areas of research,  they make you feel really supported and full of advice (although i’m already scared of one)

People – It’s a real mix of people in my course from different academic backgrounds and journeys in life, so it’s been interesting.

Course itself – Really mixed first year, with 4 modules, which i think is good, keeps things interesting.

Although i found out we have to do “expressive dance”… What?! – I’m actually terrified of this, and with every day until i do it, it builds up even more with dread. Just have to suck it up and get through it, i might enjoy

Reading – 

Struggling to  keep interest in some of the reading… at times i’m thinking… “Bloody hell, get to the point already” .

Today, i spent an hour reading about ‘flow’ – hmm what is flow? I’m still not sure, but there was a section about ‘The meaning of meaning’ and different cultures and meanings attached with them… at some point it said there is no meaning to life but it doesn’t stop us from adding meaning to it.

Biggest challenge: 

Organizing my time, between work and study. (study mostly – making sure i have enough time to read and do the work)

Yep… that’s it so far. Anyone else who’s started or recently completed or thinking about university, please feel free to leave a comment about your experience 😀


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