It been a long and cold, dramatic and fulfilling, exciting and depressing time.

Our hero, N.B. has been on an exploration to uncover the mystery of the rains down in africa

We start our story, boarding a plan where not only friend’s but family are there to wish him good luck

Packed lunches and water bottles have been left behind, this journey is the journey to rule all journeys.

Hands, arms and limbs move from left to right as he exits their vision and begins his journey do the drawbridge

Tension rises, heat from the airport subsides, and at this moment he knows that he has found his calling ….

Till he comes back to teach us wonderful friends of his as Culture Collective.

Its a sun, but cold, mid october where, the non brits wrap up warm and the brits pack up and go some where hot

The plane has its typical feeling of cold, sterile air, and the feeling of never really knowing if the flight attendant cares or not.

Switch your phones off, buckle yourself in, make sure your car back, and tray are in the up right position and get ready to take offfff….


Day 23: Sitting drinking coffee at the cafe again,

“hm why he wearing shorts in his weather?”

“its boody cold, i need to start buying new scarves”

“Yelow, blue, green, black, maybe i shoud get more patterened scaves? Pokadots? Stripes? Hmm maybe those ones with the little birds on branches repeated over and over.. yeah.. that’s nice.”


Where have i been?

I have been to the gallery exhibition- Black Chronicles with members of the culture collective in Shoreditch high street. Great experience as I learnt more about the visual culture of being black as well as the difference between digital and hand print photography.

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